Dec 25, 2006

The Year Recapped

Well, it's official. The year 2006 is nearing its end, and the year 2007 is fast approaching. To close another chapter in this sorry life, I'd just like to list down whatever significant memories I have of the year in closing. They may be good or otherwise, but hey, they've changed my life for the better.

Let the slideshow begin...
1. Joined several anti-GMA rallies (on my own initiative, FYI)
2. Became a COSCA volunteer.
3. Taught in a public school for a month.
4. Honestly loved RELSFOR (thanks to Dr. De Mesa)
5. Became a PPCRV Voter's Ed trainer.
6. Jumped off a cliff in summer.
7. Got OFF the Dean's List (no thanks to a 1.5 in ENGLTWO... my fault, anyway)
8. Earned money working.
9. Interacted with more than my share of people from other school (I know, I know, that's not supposed to be unusual, but hey, it's Edgar's life, you know...)
10. Fixed several electronic devices (without any prior knowledge of electronics, meh!)
11. Got (happily) lost in Intramuros
12. Saved up a lot of money.
13. Spoke with Br. Armin three times... in one week!
14. Officially spited Organic Chemistry and resolved to stick with Physical Chem.
15. Met up with old batchmates who are already in other schools.
16. Turned 18!
17. Partied with my orgmates.
18. Deciding to go to the CHY-MAED program (and realizing that beaurocracy is thicker than blood)
19. Producing tons of multimedia outputs (more than the laptop can handle)
20. Getting a laptop, having it break once, waiting for two weeks for repairs to be completed, and having it break again during a research presentation (damn you NEO! damn you!)

I'd add more, but frankly, my blood pressure failing on me. Might as well stop while I'm still alive.

Oct 18, 2006

Peewee, Binay, and ___?

OK... I am quite convinced that something fishy is going on. Why in heck is Atienza still in office? Isn't there more corruption in Manila than in Makati? Why is my personal "favorite" (yeah right, given the chance I'd make a nice little hole in his skull with a .45) Sonny Belmonte still in his nice, cozy chair? He's definitely not the kind of person that makes his presence loved. Not only that, they're administration bastards; you know, the kind of people who kiss up to Gloria's arse...

Someone HAS to shoot the president. Please... give me an M48... now.

Sep 8, 2006

18 and (Un)free

Happy birthday to me. Sweet 18. Yes, this number marks the beginning of the moment in time that one can get abducted, tortured or otherwise captured by the military for looking suspiciously like rebels. (See protest photo here, after groups got sick of waiting a little more han two months for the resurfacing of two Peyups students and a farmer) Eighteen also marks the age that I can legally drink, smoke, and have PMS (oh wait, I DON'T have to be legal to do that, at the Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study shows, even kiddies engage in the abovementioned activities. Yipes. Oh wait, I've also become legally entitled to access pornography and sexual content. Hold it, I don't even need to look 18 to do that. The internet gives more than enough power to do that, as long as you look hard enough. Oh well... at least I have some older role models to look up to... like the pekeng pangulo... Death Screamers... Uneducated Losers Asking for Pain... oh wait... scratch that...

But then again, it's at 18 that I think I can generate the greatest and most significant changes. Hey, I'm a legal voter already, mon! I just need to register, choose my candidates and urge for right choice. Ok... that also means that I need to guard my votes and the votes of my fellow young voters. Also, it's at 18 that I can start up my own organization for volunteer educators and register it properly. Finally, an impending solution for the crisis of the youth in education. At 18, I can finally express the need of me and my fellow citizens through our local officials, and at the same time hold them liable for the things that aren't done. It's at 18 that I decide once and for all not to be simply a statistic of the state. I finally have the power to break the vicious cycle of hopelessness and apathy. I can finally fight inequity. And it all starts at 18.

On a related note, beginning next week, this blog will officially have a new banner in conjunction with the change of content that you will observe in here. Beginning then, expect stinging critiques, spicy updates on past issues and renewed focus on current crises. Oh yeah, don't expect that many updates. I'm not that spontaneous a writer to begin with.

Can't wait to be legally called a "destabilizer", "communist" or "rebel". And land in some mangy, inhuman jail cell.

Sep 4, 2006

Losing and Gaining

I'm still shocked at how poor my academic performance this term was, especially since I actually thought that this term would be the easiest of the four (hell, third term was a lot easier than this one). Based on my eval, I'd have to say that I definitely bit to o much academic and co-academic workload and was forced to spit out the academic things (hey, I'd rather be changing the world in the field than in the classroom learning safe sex practices =) ). Thus, if ever I still have the privileges of unlimited cuts and absences, I will make it a point to focus more on the difficult subjects this term (i.e. FLOATING SUBJECTS) and actually finish all of my extra-curricular projects (e.g. TL sessions, Ecocamp screenings and trainings, volunteer educators program).

Oh well... I haven't checked my grades yet, though, so there's no way of finding out. In the meanwhile, the news that some of my friends are leaving (in one way or another) is still affecting me... Ate Jana, Beibea, and Toni are each going their own ways after affecting my life in some way or another. Though I know that they will be happier than they are now in some way or another, I still can't shake off the feeling that their departure will leave some sort of hole in my being. These people are some of the few who have definitely shaped my existence and thoughts of what being a La Sallian truly is (except for the blue-blooded Jana =) ). To you guys, if you ever get to read this sometime soon, thank you for everything.

AGENDA FOR T2 2006-2007
1. Organize Ecocamp (assemble and screen applicants, prepare materials, train accepted candidates)
2. Establish SAVE pilot program and organization
3. Finish TL Study
4. Participate in voter education movement
5. Save my acads =(
6. Test some wicked drinks =)

Aug 24, 2006

Exams: Day 1

Agenda for today:

Organic Chemistry 1 (Exam): aiming for 3.0
Calculus for Chemistry Majors (Exam): aiming for 3.0
Introduction to Sociology (Project): aiming to finish the f**king project.

Aug 22, 2006

A Break In The Clouds

After more than a month of grueling academic overload and physical torture, I am proud to report that an okay, albeit battered and broke Cray is returning to the blogosphere with a vengeance. As proof of this, I have just finished customizing my lappytop with a few apps from, as well as reinstalling a copy of the stumbleupon plugin from
Not only that, but the past month has bee quite fruitful for me. Not only have I become a member of COSCA, but I've joined the Batang Sayantist club as a full-time staffer. Woot! More oportunities to change the world.
Speaking of COSCA, the past few weeks with COSCA have really changed me for the better. Guys both from batch 10 and 11 have really inspired me to work harder towards my goal, but at the same time, people like those I've seen in a certain photography studio in SM North EDSA make me feel sorry for those who aren't priviledged enough to have people influene them for the better. Reminds me of St. Vincent, the place I spent 7 years of my life in...

However, the week has just begun. I still need to submit a total of 5(!) term-end projects and pass 4(!) MAJOR exams. Oh well. At least VST is approaching.

Oh wait, I'm broke.

P.S. Vamanos apparently is Spanish for "Let's go." Which I am not yet ready to do as of the moment.

Jul 11, 2006

In Pace Resquiat

Lolo passed away yesterday morning. Heard the news from the parish clinic.

Rest in peace. In pace resquiat.

Jul 4, 2006

The Week As Told By Edgar

One week without posting. Man, that really reflects the amount of work thrown at me since the last time I was able to blog. As a responsible blogger, I will thus update the world on what has happened to the world due to the influence of Cray's mind...

In the past week, I've...
... been short on sleep every single day due to torrential schoolwork;
... fallen asleep in class twice;
... fallen asleep outside class;
... met a Pisay girl who needed help with her research;
... helped her set a meeting with Dr. Punzalan;
... been stood up by the aforementioned girl (the nerve!);
... crammed two reports in one week;
... taught ~80 students the fine art of Chemistry;
... commented upon that I'm branching topics too often when I teach;
... figured out that I won't be at all be able to attend the VOTY tuts graduation ceremony;
... burned two pounds;
... burned half a pound of dark chocolate (mmm... want some mooorrre... yum...);
... burned my bum on the floor;
... actually wished that Dr. Gervacio and Mr. Lualhati were IN class... rather than gak at the thought of someone else teaching.

In the past week, I've been more thankful of...
... the fact that I still have a family - mum, dad, and sis - that actually supports me in almost anything I do (hey, I've got good reason to play 1/2 hours for every 10 hours of schoolwork, you know...);
... the people from VOTY who've given me the unique and unforgettable chance to do something I've always passionately been wanting to do;
... Jimrex Jaca, Manny Paquiao et. al. for whupping Mexican kisser;
... my students in Batasan National High School for making me realize that the youth of today have a long way to go before our country goes somewhere better, and that it is the task of my generation to hel you guys make a better future;
... the fact that I am a Full-Blooded Agnostic, without which I would never have thought of such things as "action before prayer", "motion before emotion", and "hope doesn't come from a book and a dead guy... it comes from within".

Vamanos! (Whateve that means...)

Jun 28, 2006


This afternoon, I met a certain Pisay senior... desperate >:P to find a research topic back at DLSU. By my troth, I didn't know that the goal of the new batch of PSHS students was to be the top of every single competition and event in the world... that's not how a PSHS student should be thinking. Sure, excellence if not overachievement is a hallmark of every PSHS candidate, student and alumnus, but it should not reach to the point that is becomes the driving force for each and every action that one decides to undertake. I'm not rationalizing my own weakness, as I admit I'm not one of the most polished gems in the bunch. Rather, I am hoping that PSHS students would stop actively seeking to be the best XXX, but would rather let the accolades come as necessary. In other words, just DO YOUR BEST. Don't cry just because someone stole your idea or ended up better than you because of their own research. Do the things you want to do because you see the need for those things to be done, because the current and future generations of people would recognize the need for the things you thought of. Edison wasn't praised for being the first to invent stuff; Edison was praised because he invented. Same goes to the Pisay people. Don't think that original can be equivocal to good... sometimes, improving on existing ideas can be the best path to follow.
And yes, myopic STR teachers, I mean to insult some of you. Not the likes of Ms. Cruz and Ms. Caintic, who encourage the flowing of the creative juices of their students. I mean to insult the more traditional ones, the ones who fail to see the relevance of improving upon existing concepts and ideas and applying those solutions to new problems. That, my friends, is the reason we have P50,000 projects being beaten by a handful of processed fish scales.

Jun 27, 2006

New Grounds

Yesterday's interview went well... a single question that asked for my reflection on the Batasan Nat'l experience... if I had felt less civil at that moment, I might be finding myself in jail at this very moment on the charge of "Inciting to Sedition" and "Rebellion", whatever that means by Gloriaettagate standards, for citing the government's incompetence and plain stupidity at releasing P1 billion to pay for war expenses and another P1 billion to "eliminate" corruption. What in hell is the government doing, paying for generals' allowances and incentives and at the same time bribing government workers and officials to stop bribing the people (using the people's money, at that), while cutting the funds of the nation's educational system leaving it to a compassionate senator to restore the department's funds? If Gloria is so good at "dagdag-bawas" as the political huzzah is showing, then why can't GMA "dagdag" the education department's treasury, while giving the "bawas" (i.e. pink slip) to the most idiotic officials of the government whose inteligence only comes as a glimmer of despair every time they siphon the funds out of the national bursary?

Gloria, if you can't fix anything that you promised to the last time God told you to run, then by golly I hope that if there really was a God that the entity would strike you down as a liar and a cheater, and send your rotting carcass around the Philippines so that the people you stole lives from can shit on you till kingdom come.

Otherwise, we'll just do the honors.



Jun 25, 2006


Just finished the first day of tuts for the VOTY network today. All I can say is that I am damned impressed with how the students of the Philippines' public school system suvive in such an environment, and how wrong Gloriaetta got it real wrong when she said that "there is no problem with the Philippines' educational system", or something to that thread. I mean, if you've got a problem, the first thing to do in order to fix it is to ADMIT there is a problem... people then start coming up with suggestions, and maybe one of those would eventually lead to a concrete solution. Oh well... when you're a bitch, bitching IS the only way out (hehheh). I also admire VOTY itself, in coming up with another revolutionary piece of non-traditional media (which I hope to emulate or at least copy in the Advocacy Committee). More action, less talk... now that's media. It's such a shame that Gloria's really being beaten by the youth these days... soon, she just might find herself outclassed by a UP/ADMU/DLSU/UST undergraduate. Who know? Maybe quite soon...
Hoping tommorow's radio "interview" won't go up in smoke.

Jun 22, 2006


Got my diploma today from Pisay... *sigh* Didn't think that it was the thing I forgot to do the last time around. Oh well... anyway, also met Eliza and Catherine and Daryl K. back in the campus... Daryl's transferred to UPM, Eliza's planning to go MBB in UPD, and Cat is planning to go Bio in UP... well, who says that a Lasalista can't get along with Pisay people this days?


Jun 20, 2006

Transformative Learning: Piss or Shit? (II)

Previously, I went around beating the bush for a basic definition and objective of Transformative Learning. Today, we go merrily-around-the-tree to find out what makes TL so appealing to the educators of today.

DLSU's rules ideally are founded on the premise that its students are mature, responsible individuals that have the potential to perform if given the right amount of slack (a premise that has unfortunately been oft ignored by students and administrators alike). Based on this premise, it can be deduced that the general population of DLSU have minds capable of independent and progressive thinking (why, then, are there still a good number of folks from the various colleges that demonstrate immature and irresponsible thinking?) and can thus subject themselves to... paradigm shifts, or as I like to call it, reality checks.

This is good in an ideal setting, since it lets people with similar ability and equivalent talent to hone their skills and in the end be made ready for a real-world ass whupping. In high school, one is basically spoon-fed information in order to make a foundation for the future, whereas in this (supposedly better) environment, one can finally put his or her stored knowledge to the test and find out if it can be improved upon. But from what I've heard, it seems to work otherwise...


Jun 17, 2006

Transformative Learning: Piss or Shit?

Building upon old knowledge in order to obtain new learning... this is the basis of transformative learning and the grad experiment of DLSU-Manila and its curriculum bigwigs. From what I hear around town, it is one big exercise in paradigm shifting, wherein the system of education becomes learner-centered as opposed to teacher-centered, meaning that it is the student's job to "generate" knowledge. Sounds familiar? If you live maroon, breathe maroon, and eat maroon, you know what I am talking about... transactional education, or as La Salle calls it, Transformative Learning...

(to be continued... feeling sleepy at the moment)

Jun 16, 2006

Dead Meat

Haven't been able to finish a lot of stuff lately. Is this the effect of overload? Might as well go to the dark side and drink some coffee, then.
I'm tired. Really. Even my blog says so.

Jun 13, 2006

Komm Susser Todd

Well... it's pretty much official. Grandpa's not going to make past this month, unless some miracle were to happen. A case of cancer that has metastastised into the brain... not many, if any, make through that kind of damage. Not to mention that multiple organ failure is already happening, and I've got a recipe for the funeral. Why do I mention this to the masses, you might wonder... well, here's why...

Manuel Sandiko is my grandfather on my mother's side. A survivor of the First World War and a veteran of the Second World War, he was the descendant of unlikely political figure: Teodoro Sandiko, one of the signatories of the Malolos Constitution. Well, I'm partially angry at him and at the same time indebted, because for the most part he was the cause of my mother's misery (for "persuading" her to take up law instead of mass communications, which my mom really has a knack for), while on the other hand being my "savior" for supporting my education during my Grade School years (yes, the whole 6 YEARS, by gosh) by means of financial aid.

I could say more than that about him, how he was quite a conversationalist, how much of a polyglot he could be, how great a businessman he was in his time, how we would bug him a lot and yet catch his good air... but that would be understating what he is, and soon, what he was.

Well... I hope that when the time comes for him to be free, all of us who will remain shall remember him not for what he could have been, but for what he is that we feel.

Jun 12, 2006

Independence(?) Day

A few minutes from now, the clock from China will usher in Independence Day. I will sit on my Taiwan-made bed while in my "Made in Korea" shirt, and type my US-based blog entry on my Japanese laptop. Afterwards, I will watch some programming (shoddily based on American Mass Media, if I may add) from the government station, showing how the famous Filipina Garden Gnome will go on with the next day's ceremony. All the while remembering that the garden gnome was made in the USA. My German eyeglasses are fogging up because of the memories of a time long gone, thus I go out of my way for a sheet of British tissue paper.

Yep, I love Independence Day.
And what the hell am I doing speaking in American English?

P.S. Here's a little gift for that (even more little) Americanized Filipina Garden Gnome. (kudos to Joey for this)

Caption: Go Gloria, Go!!!

Jun 11, 2006

They Gave Me a Star Scholar… Again.

Interesting choice. They gave me Laurenzo Alba. Let’s see his vitals… Oblation Awardee… Star Scholar… DOST-SEI Qualifier… must be an Ateneo Merit awardee too. BSBCHEM? Not just a geeky person, if I remember… I hope. Also one of ‘em M:tG folk, if I’m not mistaken. Now he’s my sibling for the Kapatiran thingy. Will Pisay brains collide and fuse, or will it lead to a chain reaction? Rather, why in hell do I feel inferior? Oh yeah… Waaahh…

Update… Just realized that they gave not ONE but TWO frosh for me to handle. Other person is also a Science High School Graduate… Joey Valinton, CHY/BCHEM? Ugh… this is getting UGLY. Why didn’t they give me one GUY and one GIRL? Nasty luck for me. Oh well...

Jun 10, 2006

Witching Hour

10:20 am. Today. My watch stopped at that exact moment, the same instance that the professor of Philosophy from the Dark Ages stepped into J110. Spooky? Yes. Ill tidings? Yes. Damn yes. Especially after he announced that the exam would come from the book.

I'm not a fan of memorization. That's why they implemented the Transformative Learning Curriculum, dammit. I'm here to learn, not to simply know.

I AM going to be a teacher, right?

Jun 9, 2006

Random Thoughts

I've tried to post for about five-six times already, and each time I approach completion, the damn post gets lost suddenly for one reason or another. Is there a cure for bad luck?
Why is the North Conservatory the only place on-campus where I can actually chill and access the internet?
Why can't I find a decent conversation partner?
Why do I think that a majority of women from La Salle are pretty seashells with nothing inside?
What am I looking for in a woman?
When will I get paid for my work?
What AM I doing here in school? Shouldn't I be going to work already?
Where is the money that Carla (2Rats) owes me?
Oh yeah... what costume WILL I wear for the Anime Alliance Philippines launch?
In fact, why haven't I got a BAND ready yet?
Why did I have classes with professors-from-hell teaching in them?
And is it still reasonable to think that I will pass those subjects?
Why did I suddenly start asking a ton of questions?
And why the hell are you still reading? Buzz off!

Jun 8, 2006

Blitz Thoughts

CLA people aren't at all the irritating, "ma-arte", highly callous bunch I originally thought them to be. In fact, they turned out to be much more sociable than the bunch of people that I (regretfully) call my "blockmates". Not only are they quite great conversationists, they are also quite accepting of "other" people... like me. Well, blame me if my biases were formed since I met a bunch of them in laboratory class, but hey, what can little-flattered-me do if they were impressed with a bit of statistics know-how? Teehee...

I forgot to grab the Kaspil1 notes and readings. *Damns myself* Lazybones. eNow what am I supposed to report tomorrow? Spontaneous speaking time...

Animo Canteen serves overpriced food. P78 for pochero, rice and lemonade? Could have gotten myself a laing, sisig, 2 rice, soup, and Pepsi for P20 less back at P. Ocampo. Does the price of food in La Salle reflect the economic status of the standard La Salle student? *Slaps self for not eating elsewhere*

The P20 wasted would have gone into purchasing 2 sticks each of dugo, isaw manok, isaw baboy & tainga, by the way.

What's with Pisay These Days?

Anybody wonder where the teachers in Pisay are these days? I think I've got the answer: Private Universities. Just like yesterday, I got to meet the (greenest former) English Professor in Pisay, Dr. A. Munoz. As I was about to question his presence in Pisay, another familiar face appeared - Dr. Fanny Garcia - Talampas. What the hell? Two teachers move out of Pisay in the same year? Where is the love of country inculcated by the institution?

Oh well... After the storm (poisoning), comes the calm (Opus Dei). Then another storm (THIS). To anybody reading this, do you know other teachers who have recently moved out of Pisay?

Jun 7, 2006

If the Philippines had Nukes...

So what if Iran has the ability to purify and enrich uranium into near-weapon grade uranium? The US really has no reason to worry, since the Iranians might not really be creative enough to use those missiles against anybody. NOW, if a Filipino had a nuclear missile, then THAT is a situation. To illustrate that, I guess I might be able to draw a nice list of possible uses, including the following:

1. Shoot an annoying mother-in-law
2. Shoot down a snatcher in Quiapo
3. Detonate it in the house of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend (according to Roman)
4. Feed it to Gloria! (wahoo!)
5. Make money out of it by selling it to the Abu Sayyaf/MILF/MNLF/Opposition
6. Blow up the Maldives (again, according to Roman)
7. Threaten professors to give nice 4.0s or face nuclear oblivion
8. Trigger a massive earthquake by detonating it in a fault line (Mythbusters, try proving THIS!)
9. Pay a debtor an interesting visit
10. Others... (dagdag na lang next time)

Jun 5, 2006

First Post (again)

To post once again... ahh... the bittersweet memories. Anyway, this blog is designed to replace the old one (taken off the net, to make sure no one bothers with it in the future) and to be a place for me to put up random thoughts. Oh well... random is the order of things.