Jun 8, 2006

Blitz Thoughts

CLA people aren't at all the irritating, "ma-arte", highly callous bunch I originally thought them to be. In fact, they turned out to be much more sociable than the bunch of people that I (regretfully) call my "blockmates". Not only are they quite great conversationists, they are also quite accepting of "other" people... like me. Well, blame me if my biases were formed since I met a bunch of them in laboratory class, but hey, what can little-flattered-me do if they were impressed with a bit of statistics know-how? Teehee...

I forgot to grab the Kaspil1 notes and readings. *Damns myself* Lazybones. eNow what am I supposed to report tomorrow? Spontaneous speaking time...

Animo Canteen serves overpriced food. P78 for pochero, rice and lemonade? Could have gotten myself a laing, sisig, 2 rice, soup, and Pepsi for P20 less back at P. Ocampo. Does the price of food in La Salle reflect the economic status of the standard La Salle student? *Slaps self for not eating elsewhere*

The P20 wasted would have gone into purchasing 2 sticks each of dugo, isaw manok, isaw baboy & tainga, by the way.

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