Jun 25, 2006


Just finished the first day of tuts for the VOTY network today. All I can say is that I am damned impressed with how the students of the Philippines' public school system suvive in such an environment, and how wrong Gloriaetta got it real wrong when she said that "there is no problem with the Philippines' educational system", or something to that thread. I mean, if you've got a problem, the first thing to do in order to fix it is to ADMIT there is a problem... people then start coming up with suggestions, and maybe one of those would eventually lead to a concrete solution. Oh well... when you're a bitch, bitching IS the only way out (hehheh). I also admire VOTY itself, in coming up with another revolutionary piece of non-traditional media (which I hope to emulate or at least copy in the Advocacy Committee). More action, less talk... now that's media. It's such a shame that Gloria's really being beaten by the youth these days... soon, she just might find herself outclassed by a UP/ADMU/DLSU/UST undergraduate. Who know? Maybe quite soon...
Hoping tommorow's radio "interview" won't go up in smoke.

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