Jun 28, 2006


This afternoon, I met a certain Pisay senior... desperate >:P to find a research topic back at DLSU. By my troth, I didn't know that the goal of the new batch of PSHS students was to be the top of every single competition and event in the world... that's not how a PSHS student should be thinking. Sure, excellence if not overachievement is a hallmark of every PSHS candidate, student and alumnus, but it should not reach to the point that is becomes the driving force for each and every action that one decides to undertake. I'm not rationalizing my own weakness, as I admit I'm not one of the most polished gems in the bunch. Rather, I am hoping that PSHS students would stop actively seeking to be the best XXX, but would rather let the accolades come as necessary. In other words, just DO YOUR BEST. Don't cry just because someone stole your idea or ended up better than you because of their own research. Do the things you want to do because you see the need for those things to be done, because the current and future generations of people would recognize the need for the things you thought of. Edison wasn't praised for being the first to invent stuff; Edison was praised because he invented. Same goes to the Pisay people. Don't think that original can be equivocal to good... sometimes, improving on existing ideas can be the best path to follow.
And yes, myopic STR teachers, I mean to insult some of you. Not the likes of Ms. Cruz and Ms. Caintic, who encourage the flowing of the creative juices of their students. I mean to insult the more traditional ones, the ones who fail to see the relevance of improving upon existing concepts and ideas and applying those solutions to new problems. That, my friends, is the reason we have P50,000 projects being beaten by a handful of processed fish scales.

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