Jun 12, 2006

Independence(?) Day

A few minutes from now, the clock from China will usher in Independence Day. I will sit on my Taiwan-made bed while in my "Made in Korea" shirt, and type my US-based blog entry on my Japanese laptop. Afterwards, I will watch some programming (shoddily based on American Mass Media, if I may add) from the government station, showing how the famous Filipina Garden Gnome will go on with the next day's ceremony. All the while remembering that the garden gnome was made in the USA. My German eyeglasses are fogging up because of the memories of a time long gone, thus I go out of my way for a sheet of British tissue paper.

Yep, I love Independence Day.
And what the hell am I doing speaking in American English?

P.S. Here's a little gift for that (even more little) Americanized Filipina Garden Gnome. (kudos to Joey for this)

Caption: Go Gloria, Go!!!

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