Jun 13, 2006

Komm Susser Todd

Well... it's pretty much official. Grandpa's not going to make past this month, unless some miracle were to happen. A case of cancer that has metastastised into the brain... not many, if any, make through that kind of damage. Not to mention that multiple organ failure is already happening, and I've got a recipe for the funeral. Why do I mention this to the masses, you might wonder... well, here's why...

Manuel Sandiko is my grandfather on my mother's side. A survivor of the First World War and a veteran of the Second World War, he was the descendant of unlikely political figure: Teodoro Sandiko, one of the signatories of the Malolos Constitution. Well, I'm partially angry at him and at the same time indebted, because for the most part he was the cause of my mother's misery (for "persuading" her to take up law instead of mass communications, which my mom really has a knack for), while on the other hand being my "savior" for supporting my education during my Grade School years (yes, the whole 6 YEARS, by gosh) by means of financial aid.

I could say more than that about him, how he was quite a conversationalist, how much of a polyglot he could be, how great a businessman he was in his time, how we would bug him a lot and yet catch his good air... but that would be understating what he is, and soon, what he was.

Well... I hope that when the time comes for him to be free, all of us who will remain shall remember him not for what he could have been, but for what he is that we feel.

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