Jun 9, 2006

Random Thoughts

I've tried to post for about five-six times already, and each time I approach completion, the damn post gets lost suddenly for one reason or another. Is there a cure for bad luck?
Why is the North Conservatory the only place on-campus where I can actually chill and access the internet?
Why can't I find a decent conversation partner?
Why do I think that a majority of women from La Salle are pretty seashells with nothing inside?
What am I looking for in a woman?
When will I get paid for my work?
What AM I doing here in school? Shouldn't I be going to work already?
Where is the money that Carla (2Rats) owes me?
Oh yeah... what costume WILL I wear for the Anime Alliance Philippines launch?
In fact, why haven't I got a BAND ready yet?
Why did I have classes with professors-from-hell teaching in them?
And is it still reasonable to think that I will pass those subjects?
Why did I suddenly start asking a ton of questions?
And why the hell are you still reading? Buzz off!

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