Jun 20, 2006

Transformative Learning: Piss or Shit? (II)

Previously, I went around beating the bush for a basic definition and objective of Transformative Learning. Today, we go merrily-around-the-tree to find out what makes TL so appealing to the educators of today.

DLSU's rules ideally are founded on the premise that its students are mature, responsible individuals that have the potential to perform if given the right amount of slack (a premise that has unfortunately been oft ignored by students and administrators alike). Based on this premise, it can be deduced that the general population of DLSU have minds capable of independent and progressive thinking (why, then, are there still a good number of folks from the various colleges that demonstrate immature and irresponsible thinking?) and can thus subject themselves to... paradigm shifts, or as I like to call it, reality checks.

This is good in an ideal setting, since it lets people with similar ability and equivalent talent to hone their skills and in the end be made ready for a real-world ass whupping. In high school, one is basically spoon-fed information in order to make a foundation for the future, whereas in this (supposedly better) environment, one can finally put his or her stored knowledge to the test and find out if it can be improved upon. But from what I've heard, it seems to work otherwise...


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