Jul 4, 2006

The Week As Told By Edgar

One week without posting. Man, that really reflects the amount of work thrown at me since the last time I was able to blog. As a responsible blogger, I will thus update the world on what has happened to the world due to the influence of Cray's mind...

In the past week, I've...
... been short on sleep every single day due to torrential schoolwork;
... fallen asleep in class twice;
... fallen asleep outside class;
... met a Pisay girl who needed help with her research;
... helped her set a meeting with Dr. Punzalan;
... been stood up by the aforementioned girl (the nerve!);
... crammed two reports in one week;
... taught ~80 students the fine art of Chemistry;
... commented upon that I'm branching topics too often when I teach;
... figured out that I won't be at all be able to attend the VOTY tuts graduation ceremony;
... burned two pounds;
... burned half a pound of dark chocolate (mmm... want some mooorrre... yum...);
... burned my bum on the floor;
... actually wished that Dr. Gervacio and Mr. Lualhati were IN class... rather than gak at the thought of someone else teaching.

In the past week, I've been more thankful of...
... the fact that I still have a family - mum, dad, and sis - that actually supports me in almost anything I do (hey, I've got good reason to play 1/2 hours for every 10 hours of schoolwork, you know...);
... the people from VOTY who've given me the unique and unforgettable chance to do something I've always passionately been wanting to do;
... Jimrex Jaca, Manny Paquiao et. al. for whupping Mexican kisser;
... my students in Batasan National High School for making me realize that the youth of today have a long way to go before our country goes somewhere better, and that it is the task of my generation to hel you guys make a better future;
... the fact that I am a Full-Blooded Agnostic, without which I would never have thought of such things as "action before prayer", "motion before emotion", and "hope doesn't come from a book and a dead guy... it comes from within".

Vamanos! (Whateve that means...)

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