Aug 22, 2006

A Break In The Clouds

After more than a month of grueling academic overload and physical torture, I am proud to report that an okay, albeit battered and broke Cray is returning to the blogosphere with a vengeance. As proof of this, I have just finished customizing my lappytop with a few apps from, as well as reinstalling a copy of the stumbleupon plugin from
Not only that, but the past month has bee quite fruitful for me. Not only have I become a member of COSCA, but I've joined the Batang Sayantist club as a full-time staffer. Woot! More oportunities to change the world.
Speaking of COSCA, the past few weeks with COSCA have really changed me for the better. Guys both from batch 10 and 11 have really inspired me to work harder towards my goal, but at the same time, people like those I've seen in a certain photography studio in SM North EDSA make me feel sorry for those who aren't priviledged enough to have people influene them for the better. Reminds me of St. Vincent, the place I spent 7 years of my life in...

However, the week has just begun. I still need to submit a total of 5(!) term-end projects and pass 4(!) MAJOR exams. Oh well. At least VST is approaching.

Oh wait, I'm broke.

P.S. Vamanos apparently is Spanish for "Let's go." Which I am not yet ready to do as of the moment.

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