Dec 25, 2006

The Year Recapped

Well, it's official. The year 2006 is nearing its end, and the year 2007 is fast approaching. To close another chapter in this sorry life, I'd just like to list down whatever significant memories I have of the year in closing. They may be good or otherwise, but hey, they've changed my life for the better.

Let the slideshow begin...
1. Joined several anti-GMA rallies (on my own initiative, FYI)
2. Became a COSCA volunteer.
3. Taught in a public school for a month.
4. Honestly loved RELSFOR (thanks to Dr. De Mesa)
5. Became a PPCRV Voter's Ed trainer.
6. Jumped off a cliff in summer.
7. Got OFF the Dean's List (no thanks to a 1.5 in ENGLTWO... my fault, anyway)
8. Earned money working.
9. Interacted with more than my share of people from other school (I know, I know, that's not supposed to be unusual, but hey, it's Edgar's life, you know...)
10. Fixed several electronic devices (without any prior knowledge of electronics, meh!)
11. Got (happily) lost in Intramuros
12. Saved up a lot of money.
13. Spoke with Br. Armin three times... in one week!
14. Officially spited Organic Chemistry and resolved to stick with Physical Chem.
15. Met up with old batchmates who are already in other schools.
16. Turned 18!
17. Partied with my orgmates.
18. Deciding to go to the CHY-MAED program (and realizing that beaurocracy is thicker than blood)
19. Producing tons of multimedia outputs (more than the laptop can handle)
20. Getting a laptop, having it break once, waiting for two weeks for repairs to be completed, and having it break again during a research presentation (damn you NEO! damn you!)

I'd add more, but frankly, my blood pressure failing on me. Might as well stop while I'm still alive.

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