Jul 7, 2007

Dead in the Muck

Ok, so my thesis is not doing too well... so what? I mean, what could be worse than dissatisfying Dr. Quevada *gulp*, or flunking the thesis subject *uh-oh*, and probably even flunking other subjects along the way *cocks pistol*. Nothing beats the pain in the arse that was the BIOCHE1 second long exam. The first PYSCHE1 exam was nothing in comparison to this. Never in my whole life would I have anticipated the need to memorize the list of amino acids - inclusive of structure, full name, three letter equivalent name and one letter equivalent name. Heck, I can't even recall the names of all my classmates in fourth year high school... and I've been with them for a little under a year! (n.b. some of them had been my classmates for at least 2 years - that fact, I recall) So why in tarnation would one demand of me to recall 20X4 = 80 individual facts and their correspendences? That, my dear readers, would most likely be my downfall in this exam. I just hope that the fates would be as kind as to give me a PASSING score in this exam. Oh how I wish...

As if that's not bad enough, this is what I have in store for myself next week...
[Monday] KASPIL2 Project, psychological trauma of (failed?) BIOCHE1 exam
[Tuesday] LBYCHY47 journal, LBYPHY3 (!)
[Wednesday] DIFEQUA exam
[Thursday] LBYCHY47 labrep, PYSCHE1 problem set
[Friday] Thesis proposal (presentation draft), PYSCHE1 2nd long exam

Good luck to me... and another pack of smokes to go, please...