Jul 8, 2008

Four Weeks

Four weeks... it takes only four weeks for the world to change beyond one's comprehension. While it has been more than a year since our family has gone some of the most melodramatic changes I've ever seen on real life, the most stressful and radical changes took place only this past month. For one, everyone in the family's cracked from their personal challenges: my mom's encountering severe rounds of depression from the strains her siblings have placed on her since my grandfather's death, and the death of her brother hasn't done any good to her nerves; my father's fresh out of luck in finding new job orders to fill, and is deeply indebted to others, particularly my mom; my sister has cracked from the strain of school and ranting parents, which led her to shout out at the entire family just yesterday. As for me...

I've decided to temporarily stop my studies in La Salle. Taken by my friends a a wholly unexpected move on my part, it's the only thing that I can see which could help resolve the financial burden on my and my sister's part. I'm still filing my leave of absence as of writing, and I hopefully can fix my employment requirements by the end of the week. While waiting, I've decided to take on a consultancy for an NGO requiring a new computer network, as well as a research assistant position with Angel B. Ironic... a chemist cum education working on a psychology paper. Rawls.

Anyway, only time will tell what things will happen in the near future. I only hope that those changes will lead to better things for everyone. Hope's a scarce resource for me these days... now to make do with what's left of it...

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